Romney sweeps Nevada and scores Donald Trump’s stamp of approval.

In case you missed it, Mitt Romney had another successful weekend in Nevada, securing 47.6 percent of the vote. According to this Washington Post article, he had a lot of support from the politically active Mormon base.
Romney may have done well for himself in Nevada, but he did just as well in 2008(securing 51% of the votes) but that was not enough to land the GOP nomination in his hands.
Newt Gingrich trailed with roughly 21 percent of the vote, with Ron Paul and Rick Santorum falling behind him.
Here are the results according to the Associated Press:
Mitt Romney 16,486 50.1%
Newt Gingrich 6,956 21.1%
Ron Paul 6,175 18.8%
Rick Santorum 3,277 10%
Other 0 0%
Source: AP
Romney also got the endorsement of Donald Trump, who at one time was speculated to be a GOP candidate himself. Trump held a brief press conference at one of his hotels to make the announcement. “He’s not going to allow bad things to continue to happen to this country that we all love,” said Trump, according to this Los Angeles Times article.
Gingrich took the opportunity to make a jab at the Romney/Trump pairing. Paul made a brief but pointed statement and Santorum continued to focus on his own campaign. In reflection, it’s not a big surprise that Trump went for Romney. Trump is a business man and it’s clear Romney knows what he is doing with his money. It would be a natural attraction for Trump.
The Colorado and Minnesota caucuses will occur today (Feb. 7). Be sure to check back in for updates.
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4 thoughts on “Romney sweeps Nevada and scores Donald Trump’s stamp of approval.

  1. Kristen says:

    I don’t agree with Trump’s statement that Romney will protect this country. I don’t feel that Obama is letting bad things happen to us and I know that Obama loves this country just as much as any GOP candidate. Things are starting to get better in our country- the economy is turning around, we are ending our wars, and gay citizens are well on their way to having full rights. Is any of this bad? No, but it is bad for the GOP because their claim that Obama is a failing president is losing more and more validity.

    • I agree with you! I think each president faces his own battles in his presidency and no matter what decision he makes, someone will be angry with it. Many of the major events to occur in the United States were beyond anyone’s control-to presume that Romney (or any political candidate from any party for that matter) would save us from the unpredictable is a bit far fetched.

  2. Kelly says:

    I don’t put much stock in the daily headlines about what GOP candidate is leading and who is pulling ahead in the polls. It has been the longest political season that I can remember. As far as who endorses who, be careful whose support you ask for candidates. When you have a polarizing figure like Donald Trump, you might have 50% hanging on to his every word but the other 50% might run as far away from his choice as they can get.
    I agree with the above comment that claims about Obama being a failing president are losing validity. That is pretty amazing with a Congress that has spent 3 1/2 years in gridlock, both sides determined not to give an inch.

    • I think you make a great point! Donald Trump has his fair share of avid fans, but he also has a decent amount of people who do not care for them. Candidates need to remember that with every move they make, every statement they say and every supporter they gather, they run the risk of losing some votes.

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