Does Rick Santorum’s ad hit the mark?

Rick Santorum has released a new ad, taking a direct hit at Mitt Romney. If you have not seen it yet, take a peak HERE.

Some argue that this advertisement takes a more juvenile approach in an effort to fire at Mitt Romney, who he claims has made childish slaps towards Santorum’s direction. If you notice, during the ad Santorum never gets hit by Romney’s mud, which would resemble Santorum’s real life attempt to come off as a clean and honest candidate.

Santorum does have something going for him in the advertisement. A common thought on people’s minds is that Romney is a little too liberal for the kind of candidate that the GOP wants. Santorum was able to take advantage of that criticism and frame it in an ad that could make Santorum look stronger.

One mistake Santorum made? He needs to be more careful about who he quotes. Appearing in text on the screen was a quote that said “Romney adviser admits Romneycare was blueprint for Obamacare”. That statement may be true, but the source listed was Rush Limbaugh has his fair share of supporters, but there are many, many people who cannot stand Rush Limbaugh and his at times exaggerated statements about anything not severely conservative. Using that as one of the main sources in his ad is sure to sour some people from him.

What do you think of this ad? Will it help or hurt Santorum?

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6 thoughts on “Does Rick Santorum’s ad hit the mark?

  1. When candidates dedicate an entire advertisement to insulting a competitor in an immature way, it convinces me they are not a very strong candidate. If they had a decent platform, they would focus on that more than anything else. I think this ad is a weak attempt.

    • I agree with you. I think if there was more involvement with a younger crowd he might reach a certain audience with this ad, but to my knowledge not a lot of young adults are turning out to the polls right now. I’m not clear which market he was trying to reach with this ad.

  2. Kelly says:

    If I had young children I do not think I would appreciate the gun in this ad. Yes, it is shooting mud but it is still a gun. Not the best visual for the” clean and honest candidate”. I see it as a juvenile attempt to make a point with humor but I don’t think it will make a significant difference for or against him. It may be seen as a clever ad by many but eventually Rick’s Santorum’s inability to separate church & state my pose a bigger issue for him than any media.

  3. Corey says:

    I definitely think Santorum’s use of Rush Limbaugh’s quote was a bad idea. By doing this, he might be coming off as more conservative, but he surely isn’t helping himself win undecided voters. This is espicallly a risky move now that we haven’t even reached Super Tuesday.

    Overall though, the ad is a bit juvenile. Perhaps if he focused more on the issues rather than creating a scene from Rambo. Use advertisements wisely or people will move on.

    • I wonder if Rush Limbaugh’s recent scandal will make people view this ad even more negatively. The actual ad is becoming old news, but if Santorum continues to create a connection with Limbaugh it could lose him support in the future.

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