Happy Birthday Obamacare.

There is a birthday in Washington. On March 23 2010, the Affordable Health Care Act was signed into law. As its two year birthday came around, it became a hot topic among Republican groups working against both the act and Obama himself. Obama’s administration, however, continues to support and promote the law.

According to the Christian Science Monitor, an email came out from the Obama Campaign that read:  “Today is the two-year anniversary of the Affordable Care Act. Since then, the law that almost everyone calls Obamacare has been doing exactly what the other side has hoped it wouldn’t do: It’s been working. It’s about time we give it the love it deserves.”

According to Barack Obama’s Twitter, he sent out a tweet on March 23 that said “Happy birthday to Obamacare: two years in, the Affordable Care Act is making millions of Americans’ lives better every day.” The twitter account encouraged people to tweet back with the hashtag #IlikeObamacare and supply why they support the law.

Not everyone, however, was excited to celebrate the birthday. It’s no secret that “Obamacare” has its fair share of opposition. The health care act was one of President Barack Obama’s main goals he wanted to achieve, and it’s a monumental act that will forever be associated with his name. It was a huge task on his part, and with any politician and any major action, it was immediately met with boatloads of criticism and continues to meet scrutiny.

To speak in general terms, Republicans tend to hate the bill. Many of the GOP candidates have talked about “killing” the bill as soon as they get into office.  The Republican National Committee strongly opposes President Obama and they have taken fire to Obamacare in recent days. They posted this photo on Facebook on March 23:

Banner hanging from the Republican National Committee headquarters in DC.

The banner was hanging from the Republican National Committee headquarters in Washington DC.  According to a blog on the Republican National Committee website, a Fox News poll conducted in 2010 found that 39% of voters approved of the law. The blog reported that a USA Today poll found similar beliefs to be true now. 50% of voters found “’Obamacare’ as a bad thing”.

The Republican National Committee is in the midst of a huge campaign to oppose Obamacare. When you visit their website, it immediately prompts you to sign a petition and join their grassroots movement. When you continue on to the site, they offer a number of ways to get involved including volunteering, donating money and contacting members of congress.

In an effort to drum up support and get more people to voice their complaints against Obamacare, they released this campaign video and posted it to their Facebook stream. Some feel that it does a great job pointing out the negativity that Obamacare drives and is an effective tool to convince people to join in the movement to kill the bill. Others feel like it’s a childish political ad with no substance, and it only makes a mockery out of the fight that the Republican National Committee is pushing.

What do you think? Is their campaign an effective measure to gain support, or did they miss the mark? Do you support Obamacare? Or would you support the Republican National Committee’s efforts to get it repealed? Comment and let me know your thoughts.

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8 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Obamacare.

  1. Corey says:

    I don’t think the RNC did a very good job at all using this type of message. They completely missed the mark. They simply took an “I don’t know” and an “um” from President Obama out of context to use as a voice over on the advertisement. And the bill crying is just a pathetic attempt at satire. They needed to get Obama on tape saying something about the health care reform before it was enacted that hasn’t been implemented. Or perhaps something with him “flip-flopping” his statements. While I agree with the repeal of some of the law, I don’t think that the RNC is even trying to get their point across. They need a new tactic if they want to really do anything worth the voter’s time.

    • Hi Corey,

      Thank you for your comment. I agree, the video would have stood a bit stronger with some sort of quote, fact or statistic to support the argument. I feel like the RNC didn’t do a good job talking about anything in regards to the health bill other then the fact that it was two years old.

  2. Kelly says:

    For some reason seeing that banner hang on the headquarters building makes me think of a bed sheet hanging out the window of a frat house. As far as the video, I agree that it misses the mark…… not to mention it is simply annoying. There are some problems with Obamacare for sure but there are good things too. My adult son was able to get rid of his independent health care plan and go back on our insurance plan. There is an old saying that says “don’t throw the baby out with the bath water”. We should be able to keep the parts that work and fix the parts that don’t. Sounds simple right? Sounds like a Democracy. Who are we kidding? Before we can start to amend anything it is going to take the Supreme Court to decide where the starting point is.

    • Hi Kelly,

      Thank you for your comment. The bed sheet does give off a sense of silliness, not exactly the professional stance you would be looking for when it comes to convincing someone to support your side on a political issue. I think the health care bill is a mountain of a conversation, and I agree that we can’t go anywhere until we know where to start,

  3. William Ayer says:

    For 20 yeats I had a great physical after my bloodwork was done. Now under Obama care, no physical just sit and talk, called Wellness appointment. Did nothing for me, he didn’t check my body, hernia and etc. and had no bloodtest for him to look at my results. Doctor said it is ridiculous and so did I. A waste of his time. I guess it is a plan to prevent us from having care. What is going on?? Is this what I get Next Year also. Bill Ayer, Windham, CT

  4. Jules says:

    At risk of being thought a one trick pony, I would like to point out once again, that we cannot afford this program, we as a country are in debt TRILLIONS of dollars,while the Democrats putz around and try to find more ways to waste money. TRUE, that was probably the most juvenile ad I’ve ever seen, and annoying, you just want it to be Over! I don’t usually find that to be true on usual RNC sites. As Kelly said, there are some reasonable provisions, I’m all for putting younger adults on their parents policies until they can get established, the provision regarding pre-existing conditions was long overdue, and I know several seniors who are just above the line with income, who could use help with prescriptions. DO NOT care for “well baby ” visits for adults and stupid stuff like no co-pays for this and that we should have some individual responsibility, we are not the babies these programs would have us be, needing everything regulated and for “free”‘ paid for by money borrowed from China.

  5. Hi Jules,

    Thank you for your comment. I too was surprised when I saw this particular advertisments-it does not line up in accordance with what they typically produce. This is one of those issues that isn’t black and white, and that always makes it more difficult to come to a conclusion that majority of people can support.

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