Should Newt Gingrich Get out of the Race?

Mitt Romney and Newt Gingrich have been fighting for the same goal for the last several months: The spot of the GOP candidacy. They have been opponents this whole time and have not passed up opportunities to out-do each other in debates nor attack each other in advertisements. They do not act friendly on the surface and many are wondering why late last week reports came out that they had a secret meeting.

According to ABC news Mitt Romney confirmed that he and Gingrich had a secret meeting the day before the Louisiana Primary. Gingrich had already been scaling back his campaign and cut back 1/3 of his campaign staff, according to the Huffington Post.

Romney said the meeting was not important or of significance. He told Sean Hannity in a radio broadcast interview “We’re pretty much in regular communication between the different campaigns and I said hello to Newt. Nothing new, nothing exciting except we keep a friendly discourse open.”

Romney added “We do meet from time to time and I’m sure that the Speaker meets with Rick Santorum as well but we don’t go off and report the discussions. But they are friendly and we discuss the issues, we discuss the way forward but we don’t reveal our secret campaign strategies.”

Gingrich has yet to pull out of the race, although many feel as though the time is coming near. The likelihood of Newt gaining enough support to sustain as the spring progresses is slim, but he seems to continue to move forward. Some speculate that Romney and Gingrich may have been trying to come to some sort of agreement during their meeting.

Gingrich told the Washington Times, however, that he had not been offered a position with Romney’s administration in exchange for dropping out.  “There is no agreement of any kind, and I plan to go all the way to Tampa,” Gingrich said in that article.

In regard to the changes within his campaign, he said he was “downsizing the campaign, not suspending it.” According to the Washington Times, some of the tactics he is using to downsize include ceasing the use of the campaign airplane or the two campaign buses.

 Gingrich had announced that he will tone down his attacks against Romney in his advertisements, and his main priority is making sure President Barack Obama does not win a second term. He did reaffirm, however, that he is not done fighting for the spot as the GOP nominee. “Romney has to earn this. It’s not going to be given to him,” said Gingrich.

As of Wednesday, March 28 the delegate count was as follows: Romney-568, Santorum-273, Gingrich-135 and Paul-50. The magic number of delegates to shoot for is 1,144. Romney has a substantial advantage now, but there is still a chance for another to take the lead. Some feel, however, that for the sake of Romney and Santorum moving forward in getting the nomination, Gingrich needs to drop out and let his delegate votes go to a stronger candidate.

How do you weigh in? Is it time for Gingrich to drop out? Or is this a fight he needs to keep fighting?

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5 thoughts on “Should Newt Gingrich Get out of the Race?

  1. Kelly says:

    I am all for everybody fighting for a chance within reason. It is no longer reasonable to think that Newt Gingrich or Ron Paul could secure the nomination. They may be staying in for a different agenda but it is time for their votes to go to a more viable candidate. Not to mention the fact that every campaign dollar donated to either of those candidates right now is money wasted. I am sure that some of that secret meeting was spent by Newt laying out what incentive it will take for him to bow out. I don’t think Ron Paul can be bought but I would not be surprised to see Newt go away soon with some kind of promise from Romney.

    • Thank you for your comment Kelly. Concentrating on the delegate count in specific, it seems highly unlikely that Gingrich or Paul would come close to the “magic number” of delegates they need. I think it wlll be very interesting to see how much longer the two of the candidates hang on. Especially in regards to Paul, it would seem the votes cast towards him are a waste due to the fact that he is unbelievably far behind the other candidates.

  2. Jules says:

    I think it’s OK for Newt to hang on. He’s helping Romney by splitting the votes of ultra conservatives who would probably have voted for Santorum. And Newt being Newt the old style politician that he is, would just love to take his delegates into the Republican Convention and turn them over in grand style! I think Newt would be valuable as part of the administration because he’s really smart and has a grasp of world affairs second to none. the plot thickens!

    • Thank you for your comment Jules. I agree with you and I think it would be likely to see Gingrich sign on with Romney. Each have their strengths and it would be very interesting to see how the dynamic between the two of them would work in an administration setting.

  3. Corey says:

    I think it’s clear to everyone now that Romney will clinch the nomination. Gallup polls have been comparing just Romney and Obama for weeks now. The Drudge Report focuses only on Romney now. Newt and Ron Paul are just in it for the long run. They are promoting their agenda in an effort to reach out to more people for the next go around. It’s a smart move and I don’t think there is anything really wrong with it. If people want to continue to support Newt and Ron, then they have the freedom to do so (monetarily or by voting). I seriously don’t think Romney is threatened by them at this point nor do I think he would even really bring them up at rallies anymore. His focus is on Obama and getting him out of the White House. But I think he needs to do a lot more before he can do that. Regardless, it seems like three horses will remain in the race until June with Romney clinches the triple crown.

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