This One’s for You, Dr. B

I never intended to be a political blogger. I was a journalist but blogging was never something I considered. This blog only exists because one of my professors assigned it as homework.

I was studying Communication with a concentration in Mass Media at Longwood University. One of my required classes was Computer Mediated Communications and because I thought I wouldn’t like the class I put it off until the last minute. I finally took it my final semester of college with Dr. Bill Stuart.

The class was centered around social media and a major part of the curriculum was maintaining a blog and a twitter account. I was also minoring in Political Science and always looking for a way to merge my two fields of study, which is why I chose this blog. Dr. B was very encouraging and supportive of the topic. Right before my graduation in May 2012 I promised Dr. B that I was going to keep this blog running through the election season. I did not follow through on that promise.

When I woke up this morning (September 10, 2012) I learned of the untimely death of Dr. B. It was a shock for everyone and filled the small community of my university with grief. I learned of his passing through the same social media outlets that he had taught me to utilize nine months before.

I am making a commitment to see this blog through until election, for real this time. I am doing this for you, Dr. B. Peace.


One thought on “This One’s for You, Dr. B

  1. beth hadrys says:

    Damn right you will see it through.. and under the guidence and class of one of the greatest dudes with whom i ever had the privlage to eat chicken fried steak. He was such a cool cat…. god speed to you both

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