Critics say Romney won the first debate

The importance of presidential debates are a common topic for debate. Many people claim that the debates have no bearing on who they vote for, so whether or not Romney and Obama could swing enough interest to their side through the debates to win is somewhat unknown. Many, however, tune in to see what the candidates have to say and do not hesitate to share their opinions afterwards.

Many raved and said that Mitt Romney won the first presidential debate, which was held on October 3, 2012. According to the Baltimore Sun, people had predicated that Romney needed to use the opportunity to convince people that he was the right option for America. He was well versed and had little trouble expressing himself during the debate, and the charm he conveyed won over a lot of viewers.

Romney was not met with total praise, however. Some felt that although he delivered his message with smooth words, what he said was not entirely truthful. Others also were upset because he said that although he loves big bird he would cut funding to PBS, a comment that has been blown up and shared through almost every news and social media outlet. It’s not surprising that Romney met some unfavorable responses because every candidate faces that, but the specific comments about his “lies” will likely be up for debate throughout the next month.

Obama had a less then stellar night, overall. He had trouble delivering his thoughts with the smooth presentation and his presences was hardly noteworthy. It was not like the usual Barack Obama that we are use to seeing and people did not hesitate to express their disappointment. Obama even made innuendos towards his poor performance. Some wonder if this is the beginning of his end.

How do you weigh in? Do you think Romney was untruthful, or are his critic simply attacking him? Did Obama just have a bad night, or has he already lost the people’s vote?

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2 thoughts on “Critics say Romney won the first debate

  1. Jules says:

    Romney did not lie. Obama lies all the time so I guess he figures everyone does. He shames the office of the President. Romney won not only because of his integrity( + charm!) but because he is backed by facts. Obama had nothing to say( but liarliarpantsonfire the next day) because he can’t defend his record as President. Time to change, vital, really, to our future.

  2. Corey says:

    I think Romney did out do Obama. He was far more energetic and came out on the defense. I think it took Obama by surprise. However, let’s remember all the debates Romney has endured over the past 10 years as he’s been vying for the Republican ticket. I’m anxious to see how Obama responds Tuesday night in the next debate. Surely he must understand if his performance is poor, any momentum he might have going into this debate will be deflated. Some people underestimate televised debates, however many political analysts believe they can make or break an election (i.e. John F. Kennedy, Ronald Reagan). Both candidates have a lot to prove.

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